Friday, November 18, 2011

Still Working on the Stealth Project

But getting closer to being done. It seems to take forever. Of course, tonight is the night that hubby and I watch the bulk of our television viewing, so there'll be no knitting this evening. In fact, I have but an hour before the next show pops up. I have to measure, and of course, I have no measurement to compare to--so it's a guess by gosh project, and I really hate those.

But on to describing the next project. JoAnn's wants me to make a popcorn scarf.

I think I want to make a popcorn scarf--just not the way THEY make a popcorn. I want to make one that I can sell to a Spartan fan to wear to a game. I thought "green and white", and things started snowballing from there. So I'm going to try my hand at it this evening while watching "A Gifted Man", to see how it works out. Think white scarf with green popcorns? Green scarf with white popcorns? I'm thinking the latter. It might turn out more interesting than I think. We shall see.

In the meanwhile, I'm struggling for stuff to chatter about in my blog. I did inter-library loan the book by Brian Greene. I thought it might be fun to see if the book is so far over my head that I find myself equal to a zero on the simian intelligence scale...if there is one.

Usually, I don't bother myself with things that are so far out there, but imagine being able to sit down for a moment or so with Albert Einstein or any of the other great thinkers of our day? Tossing out ideas, trying them on for size, coming to conclusions that change the world. There was a line in "Close Encounters", where the government men were talking, and one said "Wouldn't it be great if Einstein was here?" and the other government man said "Hell, he was probably one of them!"

Which just totally blows your mind to consider, and maybe pokes your brain onto imagination mode enough to say:


And then decide that it's too far out there to consider, and it becomes just one of those things that you really can't spend a lot of time thinking about, because there is just too much going on in life to wonder about something that seemingly has so little significance on your own life. As the Bible says: Sufficient unto the day, is the grief thereof...meaning there's so much to worry about going on today, why worry about things that have little impact on your life? Like Tomorrow--or the future or what happened yesterday.

It's cold tonight, and the wind has picked up. I had hoped for the Silver Bells in the City to have moderate weather for the lighting of the tree. It is so cold, in fact, that even Mandy didn't want to go outside--preferring sleeping in front of the fireplace. She might be having trouble with her joints, perhaps her hips--as many line bred doggies do.

Well, it's time to get going, so I'll say goodbye for now. Find some knitting to keep you warm. It's going to get really chilly tonight.

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