Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Cardigan for Christmas

He wants himself a cardigan for Christmas...
Only proper cardigans will do.
He wants it knit by me
And plainly I can see
There's only twenty days to knit, impossible decree!

But he wants a simple cardigan for Christmas
One that doesn't sag or bag or zip.
With buttons on the band
And sleeves that reach his hand
And covers up his belly, keeps him warm and right to plan.

So I started shopping stores, and more and more and mores
And not one simple cardigan to find.
I looked into goodwill, and got my searching fill
And 'tis quite plain, I'm right as rain, and flipped out of my mind.

Cus he wants a simple Cardigan for Christmas
And a Cardigan is just all that will do!

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