Monday, December 12, 2011

Coming Apart at the Seams

Well, that's how it feels anyway. I'm on my lunch break, and the boss happens by. He's going to give me extra work to do, and I'm caught up with my regular stuff, which is just fine, but I figure he's going to give me a big job to do, and it's going to throw off my "plan".

I'm working on the reindeer hat. I got the ball for the hat done, and then realized I'd need some fiberfill before I can go any further.

Funny how that sort of thing happens. Just when you think you've got everything together for taking to the office, you forget the ONE thing that you REALLY NEED. Like the fiberfill. Or your cell phone, where all your phone numbers are stored, and then you can't call your dentist because your cellie is at home.

It's a real bummer when this sort of thing happens to me.

Now, yes, I can wait and buy more fiberfill at JoAnn's when I get there for my class tonight, but I HAVE fiberfill (a whole bag of it) at home, and really don't want to spend the extra for something that's just going to sit and collect dust in my room. All of this means NOT MUCH PROGRESS at all on the hat, and I was really hoping to have it done tonight so I could wear it to my knitting circle on Tuesday.

But now, that's just not going to happen.

And my brother, who is currently on Facebook, won't respond to me with his address so that I can send him and his wife their Christmas pressies. That irritates me, too. In fact, there are lots of things that irritate me these days. I suppose it could be hormonal.

Maybe I can find some stray fiberfill at JoAnn's tonight. I'll look around. In the meanwhile...

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