Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Should Have Stayed Home

I arrived at the office and logged in this morning, before the normal "wake up" time for all the IT people, who reset things...

So when I logged into one program, I was fine, but when I logged onto a different program (associated with the first program), it told me that my password expired and to enter a new one.

Well, idiot moi. I didn't realize that when I changed the password in the second program, it would blow up the first program, so when I changed back to the first program, things didn't quite work the way they were supposed to.

End result, I locked myself out of both programs.

And I can't do anything until I get a password reset. Yukko!

So I'm pretty bored.

But it's lunchtime now, and I think I'll head over to JoAnn's and get some googly eyes for my new creation. Pictures later.

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