Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, sort of. I'm back to knitting and crocheting, and also back to the office. It's surprising how far behind you can get in just 3 days! I have missed both of my breaks, so decided I'd add a little something in here to whet your appetite for finding out what I'm up to.

At the moment, I'm knitting another "This Way, That Way" scarf. It's done in short rows, with long color change worsted yarn. I made a grey one for JoAnn's (pictured here) and this one is in orchid colors. It's beautiful, but the dye lots, even though the lot numbers are the same, the colors don't run the same, which is odd, but it's still really pretty, so I'm not complaining. I'll take a pic of it to show you how it's coming--hopefully, the indoor pic won't wash out the color too much, because the brights really pop the eyes.

I bought the yarn at Hobby Lobby (Psst. Don't tell JoAnn's). It's a worsted weight single ply and very much like Noro, except for the lousy spin job. This stuff is pretty even throughout, which has been a complaint of Noro customers in some cases. I'll tell you more about the label when I get home, but I believe it's Hobby Lobby's label/brand yarn.

Embiggen the pic and you'll see the sequins. So pretty.

I'm in the mood for a little tatting later tonight, but have to see how much farther I need to knit on the scarf before I can work on the tatting. I also found a really pretty shuttle on Ebay, but when the bid went over $30, I dropped out. A wooden tatting shuttle might be pretty and all that, but the hook-part that is used for meshing picots can't possibly be thin enough to do any kind of good....and so, I've been thinking about this for a while, and wondered....what about a Polymer Clay Tatting Shuttle? I'm not sure, but it really sounds possible, and maybe fun! Must give it more thought. Pics when I get home!

Well, things didn't quite work out after leaving the office today. Let me start at the beginning...

Over the weekend, my hubby decided to put some bags of wood pellets in the trunk. The trunk wouldn't shut, but we drove the car most of the weekend, and had no problems with it. When I got into the car this morning, everything worked...

Except the radio/clock.

And I thought to myself "I'll be running into the dealership for this, I just know it." But the car started up just fine and everything else was working. There were no extra blips on the screen indicating trouble, so I drove to the office.

No problems on the way to the office. Parked my car in the lot and walked the last few blocks.

Oh, no...trouble started at the end of the day.

I walk to the car, and the key fob unlock won't work, which was strange in itself. I had to open the door manually. Key into the ignition, turn.


But not JUST nothing.

No click, click, no rrr, rrr, nothing. So I tried to shut the car off, and it wouldn't let me have my key back. I turned it back to the on position, but couldn't take it out of park. Everything locked up. I was goin' nowhere, fast.

The dealership told me to call a wrecker and get the car over there, but I wondered how it could be towed if I couldn't even get it into neutral.

Enter the tow truck driver, who, upon realizing that the car was going nowhere on the truck, decided to give me a jump start, which started my car, lit up my radio and clock again, and got me rolling down the road.

I debated going home, but thought, if it's a real problem, a battery might not FIX the problem, and so I opted at the very last minute to take it to the dealership. They wanted to keep it overnight, run some tests, etc. There is definitely something electrical going on in this car. I surely hope they find it.

In the meantime, hubby is driving me to the office tomorrow. He's very thrilled about the fact, his very words:

"I suppose this means you expect me to get up in the morning and drive you to the office, huh?"

Well, let's just say you get to give me a special valentine's day gift, what?

So....that was my evening. The whole affair had me so thrown, that I came home, ate half a bag of potato chips and dip, and tried to figure out a way out of the whole thing. Sadly, there is just no other way. I get to call the dealership tomorrow to come get me after work, and hope that they found the problem. In the meanwhile, my rump is on pins and needles until I find out the cost, which is bound to be high, and as an electrical problem, they likely won't find it the first time. I just hope that they don't try to tell me I need a new starter, or I will simply pull out all my hair. (Explanations will be offered at another time.)

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