Friday, February 24, 2012

I've Done Gone off the Deep End

It's difficult to be so sick that you can't get yourself together enough to make yourself something quick to eat, and keep yourself hydrated while it drips out of your nose--that one is darn near impossible.

Yes, I'm sick AGAIN. I've been sick off and on since November, and believe me, I'm pretty well done with it. Sadly, it continues to hang onto me, making me feel miserable, and just generally not so much fun to be around.

Then there's my husband...Doctor husband. (He's not really a doctor, he just thinks he knows more than my REAL doctor does) Now, he's been retired a couple of years now, and has been bored out of his mind sitting in front of the computer (or the tv) all day, playing card games or watching the same old stuff over and over throughout the I said, bored. Now, his sister wants her house painted, so he is painting it for her, which is something he loves doing (painting), but he's doing it while I'm sick, and when I really need somebody to fuss over me a little--

Go to the store, dear, and buy me some Puff's Plus, will you? I've run out of the last 4 boxes we had.

It's not that I fault him for leaving me alone. I'm not that much fun to be around when I'm not feeling well. But I am sort of jealous that I'm not getting the sort of "fussed over" that I think I deserve.

Make me a grilled cheese, will you?  PULLLEEEASE?

Beyond that, when I'm sick like this, nothing TASTES good. Even thinking about it, makes me want to cough a little bit more. Ouch.

And beyond that, chicken noodle soup or Ramen, that's been my diet for the last three days, and let me tell you, it's getting old. I'd like a little variety, but what is variety when everything tastes like cardboard? Oh, stomach is rumbling. Guess it's time for that grilled cheese.

Then, to top it all off, I broke the humidifier this morning. I've got crust on my nostrils, and no humidifier. What? TMI? Okay, perhaps it is time for that grilled cheese.

But the absolutely worst part about when I'm sick, is that I can't knit, crochet or anything. All I can do is sit here and tell you how miserable I feel. Beyond that, because of the snowfall last night and this morning, I can't get half the stations on our television--so I'm not just sick, and sick AND BORED. My husband should have stayed home, and I'm sure he really didn't want to leave me alone (yeah, right).

Can you put Chapstick on your nose?

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