Saturday, February 25, 2012

Granny's Team Wins The Game

While Granny knits away.

I still have a little more to do on this one, like buy a dowel, wrap it with blue and add a hanging string. I thought about adding a few letters to identify the "Team", but that would give away the recipient (even though he knows who he is, he doesn't read this blog [yet] and he knows he's getting it, but doesn't know what it looks like.)

After I got it done, I though, oh, shoot, I should have knit the letters in--but that's okay--I can crochet them and sew them on. This isn't something you can add an "iron on" to.

It also surprised me that the view from this vantage point was more pronounced than from the opposite end--which is not quite as vibrant--

The letters?

U of K.

I can't wait to do one in Blue and Yellow for my brother-in-law (the outlaw of the family that loves U of M)...and let him fight his son for it. :)

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