Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've Been Offline...

I've been offline for a couple of days.

Only a couple of days--offline on my home computer. And the WiFi somehow disconnected, and then tried and tried to reconnect, and

Well, I think it was having a bad hair day or something. I had to perform all sorts of tricks on it to get it to work right again, then suddenly--success! And I'm back in the saddle.

Too bad that I'm still coughing from the ick I had 2 weeks ago. The nose is still runny--and it's somewhat chilly in the house, and I haven't had breakfast--all adds up to extra coughing. I need a sinus vacuum. Trouble is, I'd probably suck my eyeballs into it, and THEN where would I be?

Well, I wouldn't know would I? Since my eyeballs were in the vacuum!

I didn't knit or crochet much of anything yesterday. I taught another knitter how to knit--so the world has one more fiber person in it. I'm SUCH an enabler! But I have a couple of projects to make for samples for JoAnn's. The first is a (get this) baby hat. I'm making it in Vanna's Baby Yarn. I think it's called Duckie--it's on the side of a dark golden yellow. It's crocheted. The picture on the pattern isn't all that hot, so I'll wait until it's completed, then take a picture. I'm pretty sure it will be cute as a button--

Allow me to digress here...where did that phrase come from? Cute as a button? What is so cute about a button? I mean the phrase has been around as long as I can remember, and back then, they didn't have cute buttons! Now, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes--even in the shape of sheep--but back when, buttons were functional, not cute.

Oh well. Enough of that thought, I suppose. Random thoughts boggle me sometimes.

Anyway, back to the hat--yes, it will be cute as a bug's ear...

Oh, dear.

Then there's a "NEW" "IMPROVED" Granny square.

Granny Square?

I thought, at one point, that Granny Squares had been done to death. Don't get me wrong, I like granny squares. I especially like the newer styles that are done with diagonal stitches and bullions...but is there really a "NEW" "IMPROVED" Granny?

I seriously doubted it. And when I looked at the picture on the pattern, I thought. Sigh. It's not a "normal" granny square. You know the one I mean--it has 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in the cornice? This one is what I call a "filler square". DC's all around, ch2 in the corner space. I thought I might jazz it up--buy colors that graduate---such as white, light blue, medium blue, dark blue--and crochet one row of each, make it a little more difficult than it is. When I looked at the pattern, my first thought was "ho hum. borning." But bring some color into the mix, and suddenly there's a call for it...move the colors about and you could have a pop art eye popper...hmmm...thoughts return to the sinus vacuum.

So hubby is supposed to take me to a nice restaurant tonight for the valentine's day he missed (sniff). I think we're going to Red Lobster. That should be quite tasty. Right now, though, I need something for breakfast, and I'm thinking of asking him to take me to breakfast too. Then I can get started on the baby hat. It will take me an hour. Then I can move on to the not looking forward to that square.

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