Monday, April 16, 2012

Afghan of the Year Award!

Okay, so there's not really an afghan of the year award. Sorry if I disappoint. The thing is that my friend (in California) and I are doing this afghan from We each promised to work on it about 2 hours a night. We've been working on it for about 3 days. She's WAY ahead of me.

I'm hoping for some prime knitting time tonight, but for now, I'm stealing moments at the office (well, not really stealing--just using my regular 15 minute breaks) to work on it. It's going well, but I'm still only on row 22. I feel like I should be further ahead than this, but alas, I am not.

I got a new electric stapler for my office, too. I'm pretty excited about that. It staples MUCH nicer than my old one, and I don't have to reef on it at all! Just push in the paper and it's done with a "weeshush" type of sound. Sort of an interesting sound. Way quieter than my snoring husband!

It staples in different areas, too--it can be adjusted to staple close to the edge, or further down the paper. It can staple up to 20 pieces of 20 pound paper! That's a lot of paper! I considered testing it, but then thought, why break it in on the toughest job of all? So I didn't. I've been stapling things all day so far. It's fun. I'm all excited about a stapler.

It's made by Swingline, and I had to look twice at it to make sure, because I did think at first that it said "Swinger". It seemed an odd name for a stapler, but I thought, you know, like, whatever you do behind closed doors is your own business...right? It's black and chrome, and almost as big as my telephone. I had to sit it on the left side of my desk because the right side plugs are being used by my computer and mouse, so there's no room. The left side has my coffeemaker in it, and since I don't use my coffeemaker all the time, that's what lost a plug in.

I never figured I could write so many words about a stapler, but I guess it's just because it's so new, and I love to play with new things. Soon, the paint will get scratched and the silver/chrome will flake off, and it will be just another used machine. Sigh. I'll try to keep it new looking, though. Perhaps I can paint some cool design on it--personalize it. It's a thought. I could buy some stencils and make it really pretty!

Yikes. The things I think about after eating pizza.

Well, it's time to go now.

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