Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Is Finally Here!

Well, it has been, I suppose, for a little while. Today is Easter Sunday. A very happy day, for those who believe. Just another day for others. The weatherman predicted cold and rain, and the sun is just shining in that big blue sky, and right about now, I hear children waking to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket full of goodies, and hidden eggs of multiple colors all around the house for them to find--some they colored themselves, and others with goodies inside.

I like Easter Sunday for all the Christian reasons, but it's also a day off work (even if it's normally a day off work, it just seems nicer because it's a holiday, too.).

I have a funny story to relate, that basically points me out as one of those older women who can't remember anything.

Friday night, my husband decided to stay with his mother so that he could mow her lawn and work on his sister's house on Saturday. For me, this is quite uncustomary, but I was tickled to have a "night away". Even so, when it got dark outside, I got somewhat fearful, so I locked the doors.

I remembered reading on the internet somewhere that it's a good idea to keep your car keys in bed with you, so that should you hear an intruder, you can hit the car alarm button, activate the loudness, and perhaps frighten the intruder away, or at the very least give him/her pause enough to allow you a couple seconds extra to escape so that harm does not come to you. And so, I stashed my car keys underneath my husband's pillow.

The next morning, I puttered around the house, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and when it was time to head in to JoAnn's on Saturday for a demo, I couldn't find my keys. I looked high and low in the house. I realized, some time after voicing it, that my hubby hadn't been home to take them by mistake, so I couldn't blame him. But they were nowhere to be found.

I finally found a nearly broken key on the floor of the bedroom, and even though my husband told me not to use it for fear it would break off in the ignition, I decided that I would take it, use it just long enough to get to the dealership to have it remade, and hope that it didn't break in the ignition causing even more extensive repair work.

As I drove down the road, I went back over my footsteps--several times in fact, still unable to come up with the whereabouts of my key...until I was in line waiting for the key maker to finish buffing my new replacement (for $30, I might add, not that I'm bitter). So at least I found my keys, even if only in my mind.

But all of this has nothing to do with the April BAM CAL, which I finished on Saturday along with another frou-frou scarf. Here's the final result.

Isn't it just the embodiment of Easter colors?

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