Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

I am in agony.

Why am I in agony?

Because I want, desire, hope for, live for, and lust after this stupid Ipad.

And I don't even know why.

My step daughter tells me that I would really like it. Even my brother thinks I should get one. Some of the reviews are less than "glowing". I want one.

I just can't think of a reason to NEED one.

I own a nook. It has lots of possibilities. No, it's not an Ipad. It's not even LIKE an Ipad. But all of my devices are compatible. The Ipad would not be AS compatible, although I think most of my documents would transfer just fine. I could carry it around like a laptop, without the weight. But I can't transfer my books on my nook to my Ipad--or can I? I simply don't know. Plus, a phone (my Android that is forever saying "DROID" at me) has all my crazy information on it.

It's a heck of a way to live, and I don't have my guru here to tell me..."oh, you're just having gadget envy."

What's worse, is that the store doesn't have any on hand that I can just walk out of the store with, and I can't order the one I want from that store because they don't allow online purchases for that particular item. I have to really feel that I must have one, order it at the store, and then wait for it. Patiently. Neither is possible at this time due to impulsive behavior on my part.

So instead, I am going to my chair to read for a moment, right after I browse Ravelry and a few other sites, none of which will have anything to do with the ipad, which is a shortened "I Paid" and probably for something I didn't even really need.


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