Friday, January 20, 2012


I called in sick today. Mostly because of nausea and a headache, but I've had a bit of bad news, and just wasn't up to getting it all around and making a day of it. Plus, I'd heard that snow was to begin around noon time, and I SURELY didn't want to drive home in the slippery stuff.

So I stayed home. We've been trying to keep it warm in the house, but we've found something out about wood pellets. They DO NOT keep the house as warm as the field corn. We are freezing our butts off--even though the thermometer in our living room says it's 60 degrees inside the house, you really can't feel it. I got the humidifier going again, and hope that it will help keep us warmer, but the wood pellets just don't do the job. I doubt we'll be using them next year--or perhaps only for when it's 40 degrees out--not the 6 degrees that it's been most of the day.

And of course, I've been doing some knitting on a scarf that goes this way and that way. It's really quite ingenious, but it will need a LOT of blocking before I can do a picture. It puckers everywhere, but I can see that it will be pretty when it's done.

In the meanwhile, we've been watching movies--and staying close to the little bit of warmth that the stove puts out. If the wind starts to blow, I think I'll have to run to town and get some corn. In the meantime, I hope you are safe and warm in your house.

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