Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still Working on the Scarf...

I'm not sure why, but working on this scarf, while it's pretty boring, it still holds my fancy. I'm just not sure why it takes so long to make a triangle! By now, I should be halfway through the second skein (there are 3 skeins to the scarf), but for whatever reason, I'm still on the first skein, and only a few yards of it remain. I'm a little curious why it's taking so long to get some length on it!

Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose, but there are other projects I would like to begin...such as this really fancy dan shawl...

Tomorrow evening, I have a crochet class. Seven students and lots of things to prattle on about. I'm looking forward to it. And soon, I'll have the scarf done and I can post the finished product here...if it ever gets done. But I think it will go in the Christmas present pile....along with the other two crochet scarves that I made.

Stay warm people. I think we're getting our January thaw right now.

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