Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Projects

I finally finished my slippers, but they turned out a little big. I might have to put them through another hot wash and semi dry...but here they are....

And my cowl, which is made from a new Lion Brand Yarn called Luxe Fur. Three skeins makes the cowl, and I decided I wanted stripes. It's crocheted on 45 stitches (plus 3 for the turning chain), dc's all the way up. Of course, you can switch up the rows with thinner stripes or even some traveling stitches if you wanted. Entirely easy in one color or 3, and you don't have to make it as wide as I did, either. It would even make a beautiful mobius. This stuff is amazingly fluffy.

Word of warning--it's 48% wool--and you can smell the lanolin in the wool. Hand wash only cold water!!

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