Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Contrary to Popular Opinion

I believe there's been a misunderstanding!

After all those stormy clouds yesterday, we barely got much rain. In fact, this morning, my driveway was nearly dry!

So, ease up! I didn't die! I'm still alive, although perhaps not well (physically or mentally), as I still have bronchitis (nuts to that) and well, mentally....I suppose no one can fix THAT.

I had a pulmonary test today--which has next to nothing to do with my heart, so much as my lungs, and making sure that I'm getting in (and out) enough air. The test went fine. Apparently, I breathe quite well when I'm on the mend from bronchitis. You see, that's the trouble. They always test me AFTER my illness has pretty much died down. Never before I get it (how could they know?) or while I'm in the thick of it (that would be too easy!). Instead, they do it when I'm finally on the mend, only to find out that I don't have asthma, so why am I using a steroid?

One thing the doctor today did tell me, that I didn't know, was that after doing the inhaler, to rinse my mouth out twice with water. Otherwise, I could end up with a yeast infection in my throat. Now, that doesn't sound pleasant AT ALL, and so today, I dutifully rinsed my mouth out after using my inhaler.

And since I work with a lot of children that use inhalers--I wonder if THEY were ever told to rinse your mouth out? I mean, I have never seen anyone do that--not even on television! And we all know how realistic television purports to be--what with all this reality show stuff (that I don't bother watching, so let's not even go there.).

So just curious, I guess. With the sunshine, though, comes healing, as I spend more time outdoors and things sort of naturally "dry up". Tonight is knit night, and I'm planning a visit with my mother (as well as knitting on the U of M football), and if I finish--(I won't, but I'm just sort of "on the plan" here) I will just sit and listen to everyone talk. I know that probably sounds boring, but it's amazing sometimes, just to sit back and listen to the people you call friends.

Now you just watch, someone will read this, and think bad things about me, and won't talk at knit night. HA! What goes in the ears, my friends, never reaches my fingers. In fact, I usually forget what you said the second after you said it. I just listen. While I knit, too.

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