Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Believe There is No Saving Them....

But MOM! I was just watching the Michigan State/Ohio State matchup! I took them off my head so I could better see the game on tv, and noticed the bow was a little "crooked"...when I picked them up, the bow just fell off!

Well, 2 minutes left to the game, and Michigan State is ahead, but not by much. And Draymon Green just fouled. The clock is running out. 1:36 left to the game, and Michigan State is now 5 points ahead.

Listen, I'm not much for watching the games until it gets to the sweet 16 or so...

Less than 26 seconds to go, Michigan State has a 5 point lead. FOUL! We've got the ball again! FOUL! Man, I'm telling you. The matchup is really close.

21 seconds, and the lead is down to 3, but State has the ball. Time out. All they have to do is hang onto the ball now. Ohio should concede, frankly.

I'll blame the loss/damage to my glasses on my exuberance about the game. I hope it holds up with my husband. It's sad, because I really liked that pair.

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