Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm About Done

I've been sick for three weeks now. I'm sick of being sick.

I have a bag I'm planning to felt tonight, a block from the block a month group to do. Then back to the football. But I'm just about exhausted. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to follow up on this stuff that's making me cough-cough-cough--tiny bubbles that move along my bronchial tubes and pop along the way here and there. The coughing constantly is what's exhausting me, and no one else has a cough like mine (except my poor hubby, who is also suffering with this).

All of that, plus dinner and a shower, and try to climb between the covers by 9--right now, it sounds nearly impossible.

I sometimes think that if I were to chop off my head, I might feel better. My doctor told me that one day, and we both got a giggle out of it. I also thought that if I could go outdoors and soak up some sunshine, that it would dry up and slink away, but so far, that hasn't happened, and I've been outdoors twice today. Maybe when I get home. Right now, I'm just shaking my head--I have so much packed into the plan, that I don't feel like I can even move--except my fingers. I can move my fingers. The rest of me is exhausted, and it's only 3:15!

So I'm going to pretend to work for the next several minutes, and then I'm going home.

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