Friday, June 8, 2012

All Day Long

And I do mean, L-O-N-G. But it was, all in all, a really fun day for a Friday.

Did I say it was a Friday?

Anyway, one boss needed an adjustment to a spreadsheet he was doing. I just told him to send it to me, and I'd fix it. Ten minutes later, it was done and on his desktop, and he was in LOVE.

Not with me--the spreadsheet.

Then, another boss comes to me asking for advice on the template for some circular labels she wanted made for her daughter's wedding. I spent about 20 minutes on that, and got it ready for printing. She's going to bring in the rest of them for printing on Monday. She's simply amazed, because her husband spent quite a bit of time on it, and wasn't quite able to figure it out. To be honest, it took me some time, too, because the template doesn't match up with the printing somehow, and I had to do some adjustments to the template. Otherwise things worked out GREAT.

Later in the day, I queried google about an issue that I came across trying to send an embedded picture in an email, and it was just plain giving me fits. I knew it had to be in settings, but I wasn't sure WHERE. So I searched "emailing pictures embedded in gmail", and it came back with the "how to's" I needed to complete the job. Sure wish I'd thought of it two days ago before I sent the email out to 50 people. But there you go. The next newsletter will have pictures in it. YAY TEAM!

We had 4 new people coming into the office, and one leaving for a new job in a different area, and I created a banner and some name plaques for all. Afterwards, I took my lunch and dropped into JoAnn's to get a friend to assist me with a cute border. Then, with all the scraps from the paper, I made flowers to put on the name plaques. Then others brought in cupcakes and muffins and cookies (chocolate chip, my personal favorite), and we had a little party.

It was sort of weird about the banner. The person who was leaving our office, the banner said "CYA", which is shorthand/texting for See Ya! Almost NO ONE got that. Most thought it was some sort of code. The head boss thought it meant "Cover Your A$$". Well, everyone who knows me, knows I'm not like that--I spent more time explaining what it meant. I guess this means I've been chatting on the internet for far too long.

Later on, I finally did get in some real office work, but after all the successes today, it was REALLY hard to focus on boring things. I was happy for the occasional interruption from the telephone! Something I almost dread most times.

Today was surely different.

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