Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Which I Become Computer Savvy..

Yesterday, I found out that I am a guru (computer-wise) according to one of my friends. I have been working with her on and about her computer. She was having trouble with IE8 and her comcast account. She couldn't read her email.

Well, I fixed that, and then I installed a different browser and a couple of other programs so that I can work on her computer from home. Then we watched "Thor" via Netflix on her computer screen. The computer screen didn't have a fast enough refresh rate, and so she copied the name of the movie down to download it to her television.

That guy that plays Thor is a cute little biscuit....

Once the movie was over, I went home. I was a tired little puppy, but I ate something, took my pills and went to bed and watched a little television. I was falling asleep before I finally realized that I needed to get some sleep or I would be worth a big, fat zero at the office in the morning.

So now, it's work time, and I'm feeling like a big, fat zero. I always have trouble keeping focus on projects that bore me--that goes for knitting, too. And I LOVE knitting. So you know it's got to be the job.

And I'm looking again for something else to keep me activated mentally and psychologically.

A friend of mine is ignoring me, or else he lost his phone. I'm somewhat concerned about that. I'll send him an email today. Perhaps he'll answer, perhaps not. We shall see.

I'm going to take care of it right now, while I'm still thinking about it. So, I'll likely see you later. Have a nice day!

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