Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strange Dreams..

I took a nap yesterday after work. Hubby let me sleep until 8pm. I didn't go back to bed until almost 3am. I'm up at 8, and HUNGRY. He's still sleeping, and gave me a "huh" when I poked him asking for breakfast. It's date morning.

Date morning is sort of like date NIGHT, except it includes breakfast instead of the movie/dinner/dancing or whatever other people do on date night. It would seem that we're usually too petered out after a long week to do much more than eat breakfast so that we can go on to more important things, like cleaning house, doing laundry and just general "get ready for Monday" type stuff--most of which involves watching lots of videos, but I digress.

Sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately, but I've been so busy. Actually, that would be a lie. I have 3 computers, and one of them is ALWAYS with me, and working or playing. I'm never alone. I can always blog, even if I have to submit it via email. It's not that I've been busy so much as it's been so boring since Alma--which was a really cool blog, with lots of excitement and what not. But this week has been something of a downer.

The highlight of the week was Friday got here. That should tell you a world of information. There's been nearly no knitting or crocheting, no spinning, no "read any good book (notice the non-plural) lately". In fact, a friend at the office sort of begged me for a little help, and sent me the information, and I got it done in less than a minute. I am kind of proud of that, actually. This guy needs a secretary with skills, and that would be me. But I digress. I haven't been doing much that crafty at all, all week.

I did find a website that allows you to play Tri-Peaks non stop, and continues to run up the score, which is what my husband has on his computer. His score is something like 15, 000 or so. Mine? No, really, you don't want to broke me down--it's a little over 800. Hubby just laughs at me about that. Of course, he's been playing his game for several years, and has only gotten better with it since he retired and feels he has nothing else to do except play Tri-Peaks. I also found tri-peaks for my IPad, but it doesn't let you go on and on--if you can't clear the board, you end up losing all your points, and have to start a new game. It's a big bummer after you've played with the non-stop game, and I wrote to the developer about that. He says he's going to add an option for it in the next update. That will make my IPad quite useful (not).

My IPad is becoming a little more game oriented. This in and of itself isn't bad, except that I can't play at home with it. I use it a lot at the office--I take minutes with it, and then email them to myself. For this purpose it's almost insanely valuable! My brain tends to halt a little these days, and for whatever reason, my penmanship is terrible, and sometimes I can't read what I wrote 5 seconds ago. With my IPad, I can take my notes and email them directly to the boss immediately after the meeting--a task that takes me only 5 minutes. The difference was a totally unreal sensation. Almost like euphoria--because I love 5 minute jobs. The problem is that there are games on it. Games I like to play. Which can be dicey at times. I do try to keep myself focused, and I get my work done everyday--

Okay, okay, another lie.

But it won't be anything to get those caught up.

I'm not sweating over here. Not even a little. Like I said, the week was pretty boring.

And hubby is still snoring--it's almost 9am! He won't wake up! He's still breathing, don't worry, although there was a few minutes there last night when I had to poke him to remind him to BREATHE! Yes, he's Apnea-with a capital A. We both are. His has gotten worse over the years. He could be the poster child for sleep apnea. I'm imagining this 50 year old man with a round belly, eyes closed, mouth open, half bald with more hair on his lip than on his head (another lie to make good copy) on a poster, stapled to a telephone pole or on a milk carton. No one would find this missing person, I don't think. He has almost no computer footprint, refuses to buy a cell phone and isn't very patient with technology. He wants that website, and he wants it now kind of person. Type A all the way. I'm the same, and we get into some pretty heated arguments sometimes--although not so many since he retired. Maybe I should get him in a corner and duke it out, just for excitement.

Not that I fancy Peg Bundy (Married with Children), but it sounds fun.

And he would respond with the typical Al Bundy. Yup. I can see him now.

Anyway, that's been it. I have a class today in the evening (hence the date morning) probably for making flowers, and then I believe I have a class on Sunday as well at JoAnn's. I might hitch on out to the garden to see how it's coming. I haven't looked at it all week. I also need to check on my lavender to see if it's bigger, or at least see if it's hanging in there. Beyond that, there is quite literally nothing to do, unless I want to pull out my blanket to work on. Not a bad idea, since it's been so cold and rainy. I'll think about it,


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