Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hail in Denver, Colorado

I'm not much for watching the weather around HERE, let alone in a city I haven't seen for darn near 40 years, but this just simply takes the cake. Big storm in Denver, Colorado leaves the city blanketed with hail up to the roofs of the cars.

Now that's a lot of hail overnight. They were saying most of the hail was golfball sized and that it was so deep it was still around on THURSDAY morning!

The storm spawned several tornados, and a good amount of rain, too.

So you know that when I was driving home, I was watching those rain clouds. Oh, yes indeedy!

Beyond that, not much going on.

I did get my book, Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan. Don't worry, I'm just stretching my knitting muscles. There's a pic on Ravelry of Uncle Angus--who plays the bagpipe, you know. He's quite the hairy fellow. He's got wild haggis on the ground all around him. I can barely wait to get started on the whole family!

I'm still working on the last round of the first ruffle. Oh, I must tell you. I am about done with this throw! It takes all day to get around it! I really don't have that much more to finish on it, but it just takes so dingable long to get around it that I lose interest (long time ago), set it down and pick up something else, equally boring. A Chevron Scarf. As if I don't have enough scarves...there are only 2 rows. The wrong side is purled, with 5 garter sts fore and aft. The right side has a little interest with some decreases and an increase to make the hills and valleys, but after about the first two rows, you've just really done it. Maybe I'll work on the picot on the ruffle tonight?

It would be nice to put a progress pic on here at some point, don't you think?

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