Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Was Thinking About Doing Something...

Posting another blog entry, and then I remembered. Oh. I have to make a new hyperlink to get you to the Scrunchie pattern (always free), and that took a little time, because I had trouble remembering how to finagle it.

Well, trust the web to remind, and it's now safely ensconced in the sidebar...over there ---->

If you click on the word "scrunchie", it will link you to the post ONLY about the scrunchie, which was why you were here in the first place, huh? :)

It's been a very eventful day. I got lots done at the office. I made somebody happy and I introduced a friend to a guy who sings and sounds just like Freddie Mercury. Yes, he's on YouTube. You can search on your own. He's very well known, I guess.

Then I purchased Gorilla Glue, a wooden clock face, some flowers, and then I came home. So now it's time to blog, and I can't think of anything to write about, other than the governor in Wisconsin trying to bust the unions. If he succeeds, the fire will spread, and we're all worried about it.

I'm worried because most people don't like me much--it's not that I don't have friends. I do have friends, but they aren't DEEP relationships whatever. If it came to whether to keep me or the gal who doesn't do the job quite as well, but is friendly all the time and smiley here and there, I'd probably lose. I'm something of a rebel. I don't believe in spending more money than I have, and I don't believe the government should spend more than it has. But it should give me my just due, and what it promised me many years ago.

And right now, it smells like doggie doo in my bedroom. Maybe it's the cat?

HA! Classic dog joke.

Anyway, it's supposed to rain tonight. I need to get those flowers in the ground. I've got to shower, and I've got to make something to eat. Let's face it. I have no time tonight to do much more of anything, since it's nearly 7 o'clock already! So you guys all have a good time. I'll just run and take care of those plants...tomorrow.

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