Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Away we go A Dieting!

Ever notice how in the first few days of dieting, you lose massive amounts of weight, and then wonder why it doesn't fall off so fast when you've finally lost 20 or so pounds?

Well, I've been on a "eat less" diet. No more McDonald's, and less "white" food (like bread, taters and pasta). I drink one cup of coffee in the morning to jump start the day, then a bagel when I get to work. A sandwich for lunch, and a normal sized meal at dinner, plus a 10 minute workout on the treadmill at just a little faster than I normally walk to my car in the morning and afternoon to and from work.

I've lost 12 lbs in 3 days.

My face looks drawn already. Good grief! I look TERRIBLE!

I fed my snakes yesterday. The honduran and boa both ate right away--the boa because she's a good eater anyhow, the honduran because she is finally done shedding. But the little boy wanted nothing to do with it. This morning, the dead mouse was still in his cage. So I took it out and re-heated it with my blowdryer. (Oh, never in the microwave! LOL!)

After 5 minutes, he ate too.

So everyone is well fed. My cats are sleeping after a long night of knocking lamps off the end tables, and the dog is resting from going outside and golly. It's quiet in the household. Must be time to get to the office!

Today is band practice day.

What do I do about my kid? He's nearly 30, underemployed, lives with my mother and treats her like SHE'S his servant--storms around her apartment because he can't seem to follow instructions as simple as "go and get me a 7-up" which caused a huge argument, and seems totally willing to destroy himself at every opportunity? My hubby and I had to boot his butt out of our house because he gets a little money to himself and goes out and buys himself some smokes, and then complains because he doesn't have enough money to go around for his bills. He was supposed to apply for a job at his second cousin's workplace...a job you might figure he could be a "shoe-in" for, only to never go and apply. This sort of behavior has been a constant struggle for me and my mother. My hubby got to the point where he just didn't give a hoot anymore, and basically sabotaged the effort to get my son's car fixed, so now he really doesn't have a reliable car. I'm going to have to contact my step-son, to undo the damage that my hubby did, and get my son over there to fix his car. Perhaps with the promise that I'll pay for the repairs if he doesn't pay on time will fix that "hard-butt" behavior that my hubby exhibits from time to time. I'll have to work it out with my step-son not to tell my son that the bill will be paid, and that the money still has to come to the step-son, then the step-son can pass the money to me....sort of a "silent benefactor", because I want my son to pay the bill and to learn how to pay his bills on time, important bills first, and fun stuff later. It will be a struggle and a lot of extra "rigamarolle", but I think between my step-son and I, we can work it out.

In the meantime, I still have a son who is a real problem. So I'm asking for suggestions! He cannot live with me, and my mother, who is in her 70's doesn't need the problem either. Frankly, I figure there needs to be an intervention, but I don't know where to go for that sort of thing either.

So suggestions are welcome. Give me the benefit of your experience all you mom's out there who have children who have finally turned themselves around and are flying straight. I could use a success story to show me that it really can happen. Sigh


deb said...

Grandma needs to boot your son out too. He is old enough to take control of his life...getting a job, getting tranportation to work, etc. Maybe you can talk to Dr. Phil?

Diane said...

It's tough when they won't put on their big boy pants and go out into the world. I haven't gotten there yet so no advise.

Tenna Draper said...

Ladies! Yes, I know what #1 son must do. #1 son knows what he must do. Grandma is one of those who will not turn her back on one of her own chicks...even though he's not her own chick--she babies him as if he were. She did the same thing with my brother and with my father. She's an enabler from the word go. I love her to death. She's 70+ years old, and she's not going to change her modus opperandi anytime soon. It doesn't help to complain. If she wants to make it her problem, then she will, and she does. One day will come when she decides she's tired of the run around, and she'll divorce him like she did my dad...that, or she'll die trying, which is probably and likely closer to the truth than I care to admit. It's sad, but there's not a thing I will be able to do to change her or her mind. So I just shrug and try to let it all lie. If there was "intervention", both of them would have to go, because they feed off each other. I'm only on the fringes...and less affected by the whole arrangement. It bugs me to no end, but I'm out of the loop where I belong. Sick people can stay with sick people. I prefer to live a healthier life.

Ang W. said...

Skip the demonic practices and pray to the Lord God of heaven. After meeting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I prayed for my brother for 18 years before he straightened around his life and grew up to be responcible for the mess in his house. This only happened when he ask the Lord God of Heaven to Save his wretched soul. Drop the tarrot cards and read the Bible, a good old King James version Bible. It can be helpful to find a church that preaches the truth from it if you ask He will help you, so you can help your son.