Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kong Time

I decided that my dog, Mandy needed some new toys. She loves to play fetch, but she's pretty good at playing with stuff all by herself. Being a Border Collie stuck in the house is pretty boring--she's a very active dog. I wish that I could take a video of what she does with her newest toy--

A Kong toy.

It's like a rubber ball, but shaped like the ice cream on an ice cream cone. It doesn't bounce like a ball, either, and goes in pretty unsuspected directions when dropped. It's red in color, and is hollow--a hole in both ends, one is bigger, to put in a chewy treat.

But Mandy has no real desire for the treat.

She carries this thing, at a dead run the full length of our living/dining room, **drops it, snaps it back up, and runs in the opposite direction. Repeat from ** over and over again, until she literally drops herself into a heap for a nap.

This, and chasing the cats around the house, are her favorite pastimes.

GAD I wish I had her energy.

Also, today is the 7th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers. Please be sure to set aside a moment or two for remembering those who were lost that day.

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