Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday in Overtime

On Friday, crews working on the roadway that goes past the building I work in punctured the watermain, and the roadway suddenly had a new fountain!

And a lake.

Construction crews in the new building next door were putting in lines and digging holes for electrical connections in the rain, suddenly had large holes full of water. They struggled to put up piles of dirt to re-direct the flow of water, but you know what? Gravity still works, and water will always flow to the lowest point.

The building manager's voice came across the intercom to tell us to evacuate the building as the Electric/Water Company was coming to shut the water off, which effectively put our building without water, and the Department of Management and Budget was worried about contamination--when I found out they were shutting down the water main, I told everyone to go potty NOW.

At 2:30pm our building closed until crews could fix the main and get the water turned on again, but the crews were putting a sleeve on the main as we were walking by--calling out "THANK YOU'S" to the workers standing knee deep in dirty water.

I had physical therapy at 4pm--what was I going to do with an hour and a half?

So I drove over to Threadbear--even though I didn't have a lot of gas, and I figured I'd stop at Speedway and get some on the way there.

The lines were a mile long, and the wait even longer.

It seems that someone in Jackson put their gas at $6 a gallon, and all because of this "hurricane" that's supposed to hit the coast of Texas and destroy some oil wells????

So that means higher gas prices? Even though the price per barrel has gone down $50 from previous months?

I think someone is bilking here.

I had to fill my tank anyway, so it didn't phase me much, but I did call everyone on my call list on my cell phone and told them to get gas NOW.

Turns out I didn't have to rush anybody. The price is actually LOWER today than it was yesterday, and there are no lines. It was all a big fat ugly joke.

So since I saw crews fixing the main yesterday at 2:30, and since I forgot all about calling the building to find out if things would be open TODAY, I got here-the water is working just fine-but I called the information line, and guess what?

The building is still closed.

So I figure I'll blog about all this, eat breakfast and then head back home and go back to bed. The biggest issue I have is that I nearly hit two (not just one, but TWO) deer crossing the road in the dark, and somebody nearly sideswiped me merging in on an on-ramp. I suppose that I should have taken that as an omen? Plus it is raining cats and dogs, so I'm in no hurry to go. But even if I stay and work my rumpus off trying to get caught up on things here, I wouldn't get paid for it, because the building is "supposed" to be closed. Beyond that, I'm here earlier even than the building manager, so the information line won't be updated until HE comes in, which is another hour from now. So basically, I get to play for a little while and waste time. I could really stand to get these files boxed and on their way to records center. They are in everyone's way...but it will have to wait.

It's getting lighter outdoors. I think I'll take care of my breakfast and head home.