Monday, September 15, 2008

While the World Waits..

I think it rained 4 or 5 days straight up here in Michigan--probably offshot from the hurricane down in Texas (not that Texas weather impacts much on ours, but just that hurricanes tend to skew the normal way of things). It seems like every hurricane that's come by the Carribean coast has caused it to rain considerably in Michigan.

I got some knitting done this weekend, but I tell you-Every time I pick up the needles or do anything for more than a few moments with my right hand, causes hours of agony later on. So I've been knitting, but only sporadically.

I've been watching television shows about 9-11 this weekend. The feeling I get is the same every time I see it--frozen in shock. Simply frozen, and can't take my eyes off the screen. I was at work that morning, and around 8:35, one of my co-workers came to tell me that the first tower had been hit.

Another friend called me on the phone shortly thereafter to tell me that they had a television tuned to CNN, and everyone was watching. I dropped in for a moment to watch it, and while so doing, the second tower was hit.

And I said "They're going to fall." No one believed me.

And then a few hours later, the statement came true.

My first thought while watching the towers fall was "wow, it's just like watching a demolition crew take a building down." And that thought brought on all sorts of visions of foul play by our own government, even though there were reports of radical muslim groups flying in all sorts of directions. Then I thought of the buildings themselves--"I hope they didn't have asbestos in them." But I know that they did have asbestos in them, because they were built during the period when asbestos was in its heyday. And now, I think to myself "more people are going to die of mesothelioma than you can shake a stick at".

Okay, morbid enough for you?

And according to the fire-fighters who LIVED, the fire was OUT. I still have no idea why no one thought they would fall. I'm pretty sure that the builder knew different. He HOPED for a better outcome, but KNEW different. Even if there had been NO FIRE, I knew that they would fall.

And so the weekend was full of visions--homes and cars and families who lost someone in the melee--the twisted metal monument down the road from where I work and the memorial that is played every anniversary. The lowered flag for the loss of life and for the loss of so many heros who fell that day.

The constant vigil to try to keep our country safe and secure from those who would seek to harm us, only bringing the wrath of God on their own heads, because truly--what goes around, comes around. No one knows that better than an American.

So keep hiding, nere-do-wells. We will sniff you out and find you, and may your God be merciful to your black heart after we're done with you.

(just call me hothead)

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