Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Latest On my FIL

I write that title, and Know that it means Father-In-Law, but it also means "brother" in French--which strikes me--not the meaning itself, but that I would have that thought speed through my consciousness (or unconsciousness, as the case may be) at such an early hour.

Dad had a PET scan yesterday. Hubby talked with dad, but didn't tell me a THING. Then, the phone rings at 10pm, and it's dad again--mom fell and had to have 5 stitches under her eye.

I'm just sayin'--the stress is for the birds.

Did I tell you that I'm working a lot of overtime? Well, right now, no, I'm not, because I need a few moments to collect my thoughts before I really have to dig in. Frankly, I'm pretty scatterbrained right this second. I worked until 6:30pm yesterday, went to the store, bought milk and bread, then stopped into my favorite fast food joint for dinner, then to spin night where I did nary a thing, and then home to find that my dog, Mandy had been sick all over the floor.

I was up until 11pm cleaning that.

Then THIS morning, I woke up to the same smell, and realized that Mandy had gotten sick all over the house again this morning. So I put her outdoors and started cleaning the house again--it took me nearly 2 hours.

So you know that I am once again, exhausted. But you know what? The keen side of all this is that my wrist isn't bothering me right now. Count your blessings, right?

So I got about 4 hours of sleep on an 8 hour sleeping pill. My eyes don't really want to focus. In fact, they want to close, and I might oblige them at 3pm--when I go on one of those union-entitled "breaks". And when 7am hits, I'm going to hit the books hard (after I get some COFFEE-BLACK GOLD-LIQUID ENERGERIZER BUNNY). I figure I should get some work done if I try hard enough.

In the meantime, the latest birds at the feeder are nuthatches, chickadees, and a downy woodpecker. Then there was this small, unidentifiable bird--it looked like a grey bluebird, and may have been a snowbird--but they are very charcoal colored on top, light fawn-grey on the bottom, so I don't know for sure what this was.

Well, it's 6:58am. I'm on my way to the Coffee Shop. Have a great day everybody!

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