Friday, September 5, 2008

Mandy's having a Love Affair

With Maalox.

She's got another tummy bug. She gets them now and then, and loses control of herself in the house. I'm sure she's embarrassed about it but it makes such a stinky mess in the house. It's never confined to one area, either--it's EVERYWHERE. And it takes a lot of time to clean up with my spot bot.

I've used it so much in the last couple of days that I'm running out of formula! I bought this HUGE bottle too, that should have lasted until the second coming of Christ--but it's nearly gone.

I'll have to buy more tonight, because I'm sure, that even with a dose of Maalox, the sh** will still be flowing this afternoon when I get home from Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy you say? Well, yes, for my tendinitis--which is another PAIN. IN. THE. well, never mind--it isn't there anyhow, so no need to say it. It's for my wrist, and basically, they've given me a new brace that does a real stand-up job (since it's stiff as concrete), and heat in this machine that has cornmeal in it, and massage and exercises. The pain is getting less, but it's still there, and after 6 months of it, I'm ready to cut off my arm. The brace gets in the way of knitting, so I do a little with the brace off, put the brace back on, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I'm in a baaaaad mood, and it's one of those days when you don't want to cross me, or you'll end up in the dog house.

Just ask the DOG!

I've been having so much trouble with sleeping and sleep patterns, that I'm just about at my wits end--so what does my hubby do?

Okay, maybe I shouldn't go there, but there's a time for everything, and ONE THIRTY IN THE FREAKING MORNING, just ISN'T ***IT***.

I was awake until 3am, trying to get tired again, and literally never heard my alarm. Or perhaps I did, and simply turned it off and don't remember. Or perhaps I did hear it and decided it wasn't worth going to work today because I am so grumpy that I'll bite the head off the first person who says "good morning".

Something about "What's good about it?" comes to mind REAL QUICK.

And so, while cleaning dog doo doo off the carpet, I write to you, dear reader of my blog, because I know you REALLY get a THRILL out of reading about somebody else cleaning up dog poo--since I figure everyone's been there, but I'm such a drama queen about it all...and so.very.graphic.

Apologies to anyone I've offended anybody (yes, right there in the "my eye" catagory). On to nicer ideals.

Still working on the flat feet socks. While my design looked good on paper, it didn't feel right on my foot, so I abandoned it, and now I'm back to doing regular socks 2x2 rib, short row heel, 2 x 2 rib on top and stockinette on the bottom, and my standard lovely toe. Then I'll go off socks for a while, I think, and work on Fanilla. I haven't done much on it since finishing the back--so it's next in line.

The weather is cooling off, too, so soon I'll have my fair isle sweater out again. Yay. Something to be happy about!


Oh, and I'm pleased to report that there has been no more hang up phone calls. This is a good thing--especially for the person who's been doing it.

And since it's Friday (I have to be happy about that, right?), it's just one more day, and then


I'm going to visit my mother, take her shopping, give her a gift of crochet cotton, come home and knit until the lights go out in Georgia.

QUIET! I'm trying to count my blessings, here!

Sunday, husband will likely take me out to breakfast (our standard fare on Sundays, which has turned into a sort of "tradition"), and then perhaps to his parents (if the dog doesn't have issues with my living room carpet again) for a few games of Canasta...and then?

Oh, by the way, I'm sure many have seen the ads on television for "Yours and Mine" KY Jelly?

Don't bother. And no, you may not ask me "how I know". The "Your's" is simply KY with warming mixed in. The "Mine" is KY with a bit that starts a little on the chilly side, and turns to warm with "friction", let the reader understand.

I figure that I'll go back to regular KY, as "Yours and Mine" sort of woke my husband up in the middle of the night, just "thinking" about it...and remembering that it was right there on the kitchen counter..and that I'd bought it just for us to try out--and he fell asleep soon after eating his Quizno's sandwich last night, leaving me to my knitting and Direct TV, when nothing was there to watch.

Wait a minute...

I lost track, wasn't I counting my blessings?

Okay, the floor is nearly done with the Spot Bot, the dog is outdoors, laying in the flower bed (which is mostly dirt right now from the hot weather we had, coupled with the non-stop rain last night, I'm sure I'll have to bathe her when I pull her into the house, sigh), and I can then bring the dog into the bathroom, give her the Maalox, then leave for the office. Maybe I'll park in the Lot across from where I work? That should be fun! Then after work, go to get my Physical Therapy and my nails done--have to remember to take a look at paying the bills....All the stuff I do on Fridays.

Then Home Again, only to begin it all over again on Saturday.

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