Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missed Diagnosis Perhaps?

Holmes? What gives?!

I went to the doctor yesterday, and while examining my thumb, the tendon snapped.

And the doctor FELT it.

I said "Did you feel that?"

She said "YES!"

And I replied "THAT'S what I'm TALKIN' about!"

So she called the physical therapist, who wasn't there, so she left a message for the PT to call her back. Here is what she said amongst a plethora of medical jargon:

If she (the PT) agrees with what I asked, we'll have you come into the office to get stuck (meaning a steroid shot), because apparently, Dr. Atasi stuck you in the wrong place--if you're not better in a couple of weeks, you're definitely going to surgery.

Dear God. That's all I need. The PT is helping, but the tendon isn't getting better because there's another tendon in the same area that is either scarred or too tight, which isn't allowing the first tendon to slide neatly though the second tendon...

So I may be looking at some medical leave, which is all I need right now--what with my father in law having cancer and oh, I didn't tell you yet, mother in law fell down (again), cut her cheek and needed 5 stitches. My own mother is talking knee replacement, and now I'm falling apart.

On a good note, Ray got himself a new computer, and I helped him put it together. Then I helped him hook up his new digital telephone, that has a base in the computer room AND in his bedroom, so that if something happens to him in his bedroom, he doesn't have to crawl down the stairs to get to the phone to call 911. Considering his health, I thought it was a good plan. I set up his puter, and then the cable guy came by and hooked up his internet, and then I set up his Explorer to go out and get his email account without logging in a thing, and he just loves it.

I also got him a chat program (MIrC) in hopes that he'll use it to chatter with people online-maybe find himself a new friend there.

Then we talked with my son for a while and downloaded a few other programs that I have to download here at home as well, and from there, we'll head for the hills.

So I've found out why my son sits on the internet all night long--he's chattering in MIrC, which stands for Inter Relay Chat (can't remember what the M stands for)...suffice to say, you spend less time on a phone call, and irc takes up all your time if you get addicted--and he certainly is. I got away from irc long ago. Now none of the friendships I made there are around because they got lives.

I wish my son would get one too.

In the meantime, I have to check my bank balance, so chatter later!

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