Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Good Day for Crochet

I've been working on Elton, the sheep. I was halted because I thought perhaps the connection between the head and body was a mite too sloppy/floppy.

But carry on...and working on a foot.  It's taking longer than I thought it would. Of course, the picture of the project is not much help, and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to work Google+ and my blogspot here, which is underneath my yahoo address. And occasionally, things just don't seem to go my way. Today is a big one of those.

I believe that I've uploaded this picture 14 times, and I don't see it when I go to uploads, but it's on the Google account, or it's supposed to be.

So perhaps I should just sit down and work on Elton's foot for a while, and not worry about this, and things will work themselves out whenever my guru can get over here.

Ah ha! Success! I finally found my photos. They are on the Google account, and the blog is on the Yahoo! Account. I have to find a way to link them. That should be where'd I hide the hammer?

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