Friday, September 27, 2013

When Exhaustion is Your Middle Name.

  I'm starting this blog today with tired eyes and a sleeping disposition. I'm completely exhausted. Why? Because network television decided to run all my favorite shows last night on CBS. All the new fall premiers. I was awake until 11pm, and it has played havoc with my functioning this morning--even after 2 16 ounce cups of coffee!

This is a bad thing.

I've done a lot this morning as far as work, but have nothing to show for it, really.

What do you do when all you want to do is close your eyes and ...we'll never mind the and. I just want to close my eyes. I think the rest will just come naturally.

I finished the wrap yesterday, and I put it on, but it's either too big, or I have sloping shoulders that just won't maintain it where it belongs..somewhere in the vicinity of my shoulders, rather than down around my knees.

I'll give it a go-round in my washer/dryer, just to see if it shrinks a bit...not a lot. I don't want to felt it too a size 2. I just want to full it a tiny bit...maybe one size smaller so that it hugs me closer...rather than squeeze the stuffin' out of me.

I'll be working on Elton tonight after my nap. I will likely finish him. Then it's time to decide on a new project...maybe a möbius cowl, which perked me up a little just now. I have some things I'd like to try, you see.

Ah, well. Guess I picked the wrong day to quit those 6 hour energy shots.

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