Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flower Power Wrap

  Well, the world stands still....

I ran out of Red Heart Buff---about 1/4 the way into leg #4. So, while I wait for the chance to run into JoAnn's for another skein, I'm repairing my laptop, and knitting a wrap to wear this fall.

It's a wrap from Lion Brand yarn, using some discontinued yarn that I was able to snap up on Ebay. I'm already into the second skein, when hubby decides he wants some Apple Crisp.

And so, after making apple crisp, after eating apple crisp, after dinner and a "Bond" movie, I'm blogging about it all. Hubby doesn't think it was an eventful day, but we did manage to locate and dig up our potatoes. I think we got about 20 pounds--which isn't really much in the grand scheme of things,  but will give us some fresh potatoes for a while.

I suppose you want to see a pic of what's been done on the wrap, instead, I'll provide a link to the wrap itself, if I can.

The pattern is free, but as I said, the yarn is discontinued. You can use Homespun
yarn instead.

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