Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pattern Errata

I don't care much for pattern errata. The reason is because you're well into the project, and find that either you've followed the pattern wrong, or the pattern is not quite right somehow, and you don't find out about the issue until you've actually found the issue! Then you have to run around looking for the creator, who then tells you

"Oh, there was errata for that!"

Such appears to be the case with Elton--I'm working on the leg--mind you, I read this area over 6 times to make sure that I was doing what the pattern determined I should do, because to my 40 year crochet experience, it seemed a little odd--and against my better judgement, but I carried on, nonetheless, and then came to another snag later down the "pattern highway". Don't ask me how my intuition told me, but it screamed at me when I got to the section where I was changing from the brown to the white.

And so now, I have to bug the creator of the pattern again. I'm hoping that this project doesn't become a UFO, because I really like Elton, and he'll go so well with my other stuffed toys.

What other stuffed toys, you ask. Well, I have three bears, several sheep, and a couple of dolls. I'll have to show you sometime. First, however, I have to find them. Some have been packed away to make room for newer friends.

But for now, I must go make sure there's no errata for the pattern.

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