Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Hot Is It?

It is unbearable outside.

I took a short walk (a short block away) to get a refill on my diet cola, and when I stepped out of the door, the heat index hit me with a brick all over my sad body.

Sad, because it's not little. There's a lot of me to go around. I do mean "around"! And therefore, a lot of area to get hot and sweaty, and I don't mean that in a good way. By the time I returned from my walk I was dripping.

No advances on my sheep last night because "American Ninja Warrior", "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Dome" were all on last night, and therefore I was glued to the television after I woke up from my late afternoon nap.

Nap, because when I got out of work, I had another migraine coming on, so I took 3 Advil to kick it and lay down again with the pillow across my face.

And that's the story.

Tonight I will be heading for knit night, and I will work on him there. Pictures possible tomorrow to show some progress...stay tuned.

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