Friday, May 23, 2008

The Day B4

Today, I pull a tarot card and it's the 9 of pentacles.

Upright, the card means having enough to get around, but I was so worried about the reverse meaning, I decided to look it up, and...

since I don't get my payroll till next week, I'll probably live off my plastic anyway this weekend, because,


Oh, yeah, big deal!

Flint Scottish hopes to win, Win, WIN in Grade IV. There's some fierce competition coming into town this evening in order to be on the grounds warming up (and with the way that the weather has been lately, there's going to be hours and hours of "warming up" going on) early on Saturday morning. There will be bagpipes playing in every corner and hide-away!

I love the Alma Highland games--I wait for it, anticipate it, and oh I forget, the 9 of pentacles reversed:

"What passes for success is built on shaky foundations that may be about to give way. The crow is about to come home to roost. (hew! Bad omen there!) Beware of shady dealings that may compromise your integrity. There may be problems with property matters. A pet may need your attention." From "Tarot Plain and Simple" by Anthony Louis 2002 Llewellyn Pub St. Paul, MN

Like I said, I didn't want to look this up and find out that I've got bad news coming. The pet needing my attention is probably Mandy--she's getting very nutzoid, the closer Alma comes. I've considered taking her with me, but she has to stay at Ray's house while I'm at the field, which will cover two entire days--but for her to live without me for 3 days is just torture for her, because she loves me, and she tells me so every day when I get home--after she says "harrooo".

Perhaps the fellow that's to bring my tenor drum won't make it to the games (that would definitely put a crimp in the entire weekend!). Now, see what you've done, you ninny! You've jinxed the entire day! Silly me!

So I need to buy a new hat (called a Glen Gerrie) and pay for my band T-Shirt. I'm going to hunt for a Jacobite tie pin, and buy it if I find it. I might need to purchase another pair of Kilt Hose--as the popcorn ones that I have aren't fitting so good--that or I wear the John Anderson Kilt Hose that I knit. I also need to return a couple of items to the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band, including $30 for my son's hose that he only wore once.

Sigh. I'm already in the poor house. This is going to do me in!

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