Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Latest Story

I contacted Judy's DIL yesterday to find out how her special night with her husband had gone, and she told me all about her evening--apparently, because it was raining, they missed their turn and ended up in Flint. Seems like a wrong turn--since they were heading for Chesaning....

Anyway, they had a nice ride and ate at Zehnder's, which I believe is in Frankenmuth, and finally got home. It would appear that they are probably under a lot of stress--in fact, my friend was quite a bit more chatty--almost as if she'd just taken a pill that wired her for sound--so I just listened, as she apparently has a lot on her mind.

But one thing she mentioned in the conversation is that my ex had stopped by there and told them that the nurses at Hospice had told him that Judy would likely only last a few more days, and that he tried to convince my friend and her husband to go with him over to Hospice to see her. She mentioned that he was crying. I will lay odds that this passing is going to be very hard for my ex to deal with. I think that he expected her to pull out of it the way his dad did for a short time before he died. Frankly, I think his dad came around to say one last goodbye hug to Judy. The way she described his passing was as touching as any death can be.

I have never known my ex to cry, but then again, this is a loss probably too great for words for him. His mother is his only support system. Once gone, I figure he'll have a nervous breakdown--many men don't take the loss of their mother very well, and I don't expect this to be any exception. On some level, I feel sorry for him, because this will be a really trying time, especially for him, being the baby of the family.

On a gladder note...

I have done 2 sets of tenor laces on my KumiHimo. I am working now on the third set. Once done, I can then sew them to the tenor beaters and we can go into competition with laces that match our kilts. This is EXCEPTIONAL, and I wonder if it is possible for me to make these for all sorts of bands--of course, I haven't tried the ones I made on the Inkle Loom, but they are quite thin--and I'm concerned about well they will hold up, so I'm reserving judgment on them.

We travel to Kentucky on Friday. I have the day off, and much packing to do. I still have much work to do on the tenor part--it's not nearly memorized. The trunk and the back seat will be full. I'm planning to do the massed bands on snare--if the band will allow it, and practice practice practice the second I arrive. Now that they've given me a second job at the office, I have no time even to listen to the ipod! Now that's BAD!

So I sit here before the computer with many things on my mind, and drinking my coffee, considering the funeral that I will be going to next week most likely, and hoping that it doesn't conflict with my travel plans. That sounds really crass and I don't mean it to sound like I'm hoping Judy will pass before I have to leave--but the band would be horribly disappointed in me if I didn't go, and the family would be very disappointed in me if I don't attend the funeral, but my Ex-Randy-would be tickled to death about it.

God knows I can't let HIM down, now, can I?

In the meantime, I play a waiting game, and prepare to buy yellow roses for Judy's grave. Sigh.

Oh, and Mandy wants to play ball.

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