Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What to do, what to do?

I have a cat, Smokey, who overeats. She's not FAT by any stretch, but she is bulemic!!

She will eat maybe 1/4 cup of food in the morning, and then toss her cookies immediately after, making a mess for me every morning. It's disgusting!

Now I suppose it's possible that the food is too rich for her. I have thought of that. But Purina Cat Chow is probably the best stuff out there--and God knows that I hate the smell of canned cat food--even the very best kind, and if cat chow comes back disgusting, imagine what canned cat food will come back smelling like?

Perish the thought!

Beyond this, I have another cat that simply loves the stuff, but would be a pirate over something different, were I to give it to Smokey, because



The King.

There is simply no other way to put it. I set something down, and he's right there to eat it. First in line. As if he's got some sort of superiority thing going on there. And they don't eat together. The King would never allow it. So he eats first, while Smokey waits on the stairway for him to leave the dish. And she won't set off the stair until he has left the area completely, because if she doesn't, there will be fights--hissing, slapping, pulling of hair fights. There really is a reason they call it "cat fight", you know?

So she eats last.

Today, I let me dog outdoors for the silly thing she has to do, everyday, twice a day, and when she came back into the house, she said "In", and then went to her dish and said "I'm hungry", and when I filled her dish with food, she said "Thank you".

Now there's a smart dog for you. That, or else I'm finally learning her language. I swear to you, this dog can really speak--I mean sure, it's in tones of bark and howl, but it's got subtleties that seriously transcend any other "dog language" of any other dog I've ever had. It's true, I talk to her a lot--just now, she's laying by her dish, guarding it from the cat (Smokey) who doesn't want it to begin with, so I say

"Aren't you going to eat?" And she just looks at her dish, then at the cat. So I say, "Go ahead, eat!" And she won't--because she's busy....guarding her food from the cat, right.

So I said "Well, come here, and let's talk about it!" And she gets up, barks a "no", slaps the cat down, and eats her food.

Well, time to get ready for work. It's going to be a long day.

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Knitting Rose said...

your dog sounds awesome!! I am not a huge cat person - but listening to your story - maybe I need another one... nahhhh. I KNOW dogs understand us - even if they don't always talk to us...