Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today's Plans Often Go Awry

And today is the busiest day yet.

My wrist is still bothering me, so I'm babying it still, but the irritation does "seem" to be going away slowly. I think the frustration with this is that the response was not nearly as "immediate" as I'd hoped. I'd like to get back to my knitting before I forget how to knit!

But I can't knit like this, so I'm going to do the following:

1. Go to breakfast and take my Naproxin.
2. Head for Meijer's and do some grocery shopping.
3. Go to the nail technician and have my long nails removed so that I can type. I might have them do a manicure, but I want the gel nails removed.
4. Come home, clean out the vacuum and vacuum the bedroom floor, make the bed, and hang and fold clothing that was washed last week.
5. Give the bathroom the "once over".
6. Start laundry again.
7. Clean up the kitchen
8. Pick up the living room, remove the treadmill and the computer from the table and take that downstairs, the vacuum the living room carpet.
9. Sort the mail from the breakfast nook table and vacuum the rug beneath it.
10. Clean cat litter and feed all the animals.

It's going to be a big work I need a list.

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