Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to the dentist

I have a trip to the dentist planned today, which is amazing, since I don't remember appointments set up so far in advance usually, and this was a complete surprise to me yesterday, when I looked at my little paper calendar, and saw "Oh, hey, I have a dental appointment tomorrow."

And then said,

"Oh, hey, Ive got a dental appointment tomorrow," with a much "less than thrilled" affectation.

I don't care how friendly a dentist is--or how good looking, really. When it comes right down to brass tacks, I don't like them. There's just something about someone getting into my face, into my mouth and doing things that hurt me that I have a strong aversion to--it's not the people themselves, of course, but the act of sitting in a dentist chair that just puts me literally in a tail-spin, no matter how much they try to make it feel comfortable. You just know that my the end of the appointment your hands hurt from gripping the armrests.

Fear will do that to a person, I suppose.

But dentists don't like me much either--those of any genre--because i have a small mouth that is nearly impossible to get into the back of it, and I have a penchant for garlic bagels for breakfast.

Nuff said?

Anyway, today the plan is to make a McDonald's "sausage, egg and cheese" bagel and go to the office. The dental appointment is later in the day. So I can eat lots of garlic bagels today before the appointment. I schedule afternoon appointments so that I can leave work early, too, but the extra time to down a few more garlic bagels is just too much of a draw. We have a bagel place down the stret, an every morning, they are baking bagels. The smell is confusing--but the end result is something!

They make hundreds of garlic bagels. They are ALWAYS out of them by noon. What? Does EVERYBODY have a dental appointment today?

--------------------(obligatory line divider to show I'm changing the subject. Clever, huh?)

Rowdy Roddy Piper was on WWE Raw last night for a couple of minutes. Santino wants to fight him, but Hot Rod is retired from wrestling due to health reasons, I guess, to my chagrin. Now, Rod is my favorite, for obvious reasons. Last night, Santino, Rod and Sal Kimmel (brother to Jim Kimmel talk show host) were at a birthday party for Sal, and Santino interrupts (as is his method), and calls Rod a girl for wearing a kilt (fighting words for most men in kilts), and then Santino slaps Sal, who then steps back to resettle the loose nuts in his head. Hot Rod steps in "oh, you think you're a big boy, now eh?" Slaps Santino, who then steps up to get ready to slap Roddy. About this time, you see Sal coming in with the cake (did you have any doubt), slams it into Santino's face, and then tackles Santino to the floor.

Back at the ring, Santino is mouthing off, dressed (wrongly) in a kilt with a hot rod t-shirt, impersonating my own favorite with a pillow tucked under the shirt to make him look fat (and listen, Rod isn't FAT!), when Sal is called out. Santino has brought out a second cake with "I'm Sorry" written on it, telling Sal that he's either going to apologize, or he's going to get a cake in the face. Next thing you know, the pipe music is playing and out comes Roddy, and as Rod and Santino are bantering back and forth, Sal gets the cake and Rod helps him put it in Santino's face.

Well Santino is really po'ed and challenges Rod to a match, but Rod offers up Sal instead (who hasn't really got a wrestler's body), and Santino walks off. Now it would be something for Santino to get the stuffin' kicked out of him by a complete nobody, but this might be the beginning of something different. Because if Rod trains Sal, could Sal take Rod's place in the WWE?

Frankly, there's no one could take Rod's place--I'm really trademark focussed. What might make the difference would be that Sal turns out to be Hot Rod's son, somewhere down the line, and quite honestly, Sal does have some of Rod's features....perhaps this information is coming down the pike, but on the other hand, Sal did resemble Jimmy Kimmel too much to be Rod's son. So I'm really torn up.

I was really torn up when Rod left the WWF and retired, too. Can you tell?

So now, I have to wait until Raw comes on again on next Monday, and I'm not a patient person.

So I guess I'll make my sandwich and go to the office. Bye!

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