Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tarot Card for today...

Okay, it was the Chariot reversed.

This is not good.

Generally, this means car trouble, and now is not a good time to have car trouble. Beyond that, I haven't really been hearing anything "going on" inside the inner workings of my car, but you know how it is...car trouble happens when you least expect it to happen.

Of course, it may have nothing to do with car trouble. It might have to do with putting a lot of effort into something only to find out that I'm just "spinning my wheels" again, or perhaps that I'm spread too thin in my creative endeavors, and that's also true.

So I suppose I will let this one find it's way to me.

I'm still sore from the weekend, and I can't wait to get home to get some more rest. I did check out the bed when I got home--and I had 2 naps on Monday. I'm pretty much back to my normal self. I just need something to drink, and I need it now.

My ex didn't show up at the Alma Highland Games. Ray had mentioned that he'd gotten a call from my ex, who said he couldn't come to the games due to a conflict in schedule, but I couldn't imagine my ex missing the Games again this year. I even left the extra ticket that Ray had come up with in the mailbox and emailed my ex to let him know, but I don't think the effort made it's way to my ex's eyes/ears.

Wednesday's card was Judgement Reversed, and so was Friday's card!!!

This is the card I pulled today?

Okay, so I'm trying to put together the information to get my passport. This has turned into a circus act. I had all my paperwork and I walk into the post office where I live, and find out that the pictures I'd taken so meticulously aren't correct for use. Must be on a white background. Face cannot take up more than 50% of the total picture. It's a crime that I can't look good in my passport pictures---

But then, I find out that my birth certificate, which I've used all my life, isn't "good enough". Signed by the probate court at the time of my adoption (6 days after being actually born), it didn't have the required information (such as a doctor's signature????????)...nevermind the fact that when I told the man I was adopted, he nearly turned blue...

Okay, now I need a copy of the adoption order--from some 50 years ago--so I contact the probate court, where I believe I was adopted, and there's a $20 fee, not to mention that I have to go to Ionia to get the durn thing, requiring me to take time off work to hopefully get it and get a judge to sign it. I'm hoping that they can find it...my mother is in her 70's and her memories aren't so good these days.

The other thing I can do is write to my brother and send him an affidavit that needs to be notarized and all that--which of course would take forever, since he lives in KENTUCKY. The only other relatives that I have (still living) is my mother's sister who lives nearby, but she's an agorophobiac. The other two sibs she has locally, she hasn't spoken to in years on any friendly basis.

Suddenly, I feel like this teensie weensie island out in the middle of nowhere...and you know how they say "no man is an island"? Well, did that apply to women, too?

So the Judgement card reversed is telling me that today, I'll have some legal issues that need to be dealt with and I won't much be successful at it...for instance, the judge won't be able to come in, or will have taken the day off and gone to Tahiti or Cancun on HIS passport.

Not that I'm bitter, you understand. I should have taken care of this years ago.

Gosh. All I want to do is travel across the state line into Canada! I suppose I can do that, but getting back in might be the bigger difficulty....

--------(there's that obligatory line that says "subject changing" again)

I've been doing a little knitting here and there. I'm trying to finish the dk hat that I started weeks ago. It's coming along slowly, as I can only do 2 rows at a time before my wrist starts to bother me again, and I have to quit and rest...but the different working, little by little with the different things I do--tenor flourishing, knitting, writing, typing...if I rest in between, the injury to my tendons there in my wrist start to feel better--so I'm still going at it, resting as I need.

A big emphasis on RESTING.


The Knitted Squirrel said...

Hey! What are you coming to Canada for? I live there! Well here actually! Maybe you are coming close by...

The Knitted Squirrel said...

Hey! What are you coming to Canada for? I live there! Well here
actually! Maybe you are coming close by...