Sunday, November 7, 2010

Demo's at JoAnn's

I've been demoing at JoAnn's for the last year. Lately, the store has been really swamped on Saturday's especially right at the noonish hour--and I'm a busy girl there at these times.

Employees walk past me and comment on my craft. Store patrons, too. Yesterday, one person surprised me by telling me that I should be employed there.

Well, yes. Perhaps. Not that I haven't tried. Somehow the application got lost and I just never followed up on it. I might have redone it, had they not come up with another manager that rubs me the wrong way. I figure, since I need a second job with a bad manager like I need a hole in the head, I just didn't make out a new ap.

I guess that I'm like that now. I know myself well enough to know the sort of person I don't get along with, and I steer clear of those types, just to keep my life a lot less "dramatic". I've had enough drama in my life. I'm ready for peace and quiet to allow myself whatever stressors in my quiet times that *I* desire, and not what somebody else wants to set on my shoulders.

With that in mind, I didn't knit at all on Rhiannon yesterday. I'm not at all sure what I *did* do--I mean, I know I went to JoAnn's for a few hours.

Then I bought some meats at Kroger, and stuffed my purchases in the trunk.

Then, I drove to Country Stitches and picked up my sewing machine--ah, that reminds me...gotta go fix back in a minute.

There. That's done. I've been meaning to fix the laundry hamper for months--all it needed was a quick once around the top with the sewing machine. Since it's been in the shop...was my last excuse...even though I have 6 sewing machines that I could use. Go figure. I've misplaced my coffee...ah, there it is. On top of the stove. Oh snap. Now it needs a warm up!

So as I was saying, after picking up the sewing machine, I drove over to the bedding shop and got a new mattress pad. We get these pads that are SUPER thin, guaranteed for 10 years (although they never last that long, but by the time 5 years has elapsed, you've usually lost the receipt), and cost an arm, a leg and your firstborn. Then I walked to the Verizon store to look at the newer phones to see if I could/should buy a newer one. I ended up leaving. Those people frighten me.

Then I came home and put away some of my purchases, then I sat down and watched Avatar-The Last Airbender. This was a really cute series from either China or Japan--somewhere Asian, anyway--about a boy and his destiny, his travels and his friends. It's nothing like the Avatar with the blue creatures. My husband lost interest after the first several dvds, so I watched it pretty heavily for about 3 weeks. I thought it was pretty good, although I'm sort of young at heart.

After that, I watched all my Saturday night shows. Antique Roadshow, The Brittas Empire, 'Allo 'Allo, Born to the Manor, and the Red Green Show. So basically, I sat in front of the television all day. Fun times.

I had hoped that hubby would take me to breakfast this morning, but he's behind the 8-ball at school, and has to get his homework done, so no Denny's today. Darn it! I was looking forward to that! Guess I'll have to get something around for breakfast then. Back in a flash...

Now you see just how busy a gal I am. I am nearly always "going", and I don't mean incontinent. How did they come up with that word, by the way? Incontinence. It makes me think of someone from South America or something. My brain works in pretty crazy ways, I guess.

Well, let's see. I have to spend time with my husband today. I'm waiting for him to head for bed--he's working on his homework right at the moment. After that, I have laundry to put away, dishes to wash, knitting to do, sewing to do. I'm just really busy again today. Somehow, some way, things have got to start slowing down for me, before I have a heart attack from all the stress!

Don't get me wrong, I know that there has to be some stress in your life, or you'd die from lack of stress. You need some stress in your life--but there is a ceiling and a floor, that is right for you. Mine varies from day to day--it makes it difficult to work 40 hours a week.

Ah, there. Some of the dishes are done, some are in the dishwasher. The laundry is done and ready to fold and hang, and the chicken is in the crock pot roasting. I'm getting a little ahead!

In the meanwhile, hubby is still studying.

The dyes came from Dharma Trading yesterday, too. I have lots of fun in that package, but it will need to wait until next weekend, perhaps. There's just too much going on in my kitchen right now to make another mess. So I could sit and knit, but I think my sugar is spiking a bit after breakfast--even though I only had one piece of toast!

Hubby finally fired up the corn stove again. It was out all night, and I got chilled. I have the running nose to prove it.

Actually, the runny itchy nose is due to allergies. Believe it or not, I am allergic to soy bean dust. I had to drive behind a soy bean harvester yesterday, and my eyes were itching and my nose was running, and my throat was scratchy. Yup. Allergies. If I can keep away from the cold and flu, I might just be able to keep healthy this winter, but I get these colds around this time of year because my nose collects the soy dust like a moth to a flame. It's not a good idea to keep me chilly when the soy bean harvest begins. Even so, hubby and I like to keep the house a little on the chilly side--especially when we're sleeping. I guess we sleep better, warm under the covers. I don't know how my step son is handling this chilly weather--I know he's complaining about the cold.

Speaking of which, the parts he ordered for the fireplace downstairs still have not come in. I'm worried that we will be unable to get the flue in by snowfall if it doesn't come SOON, and roofs with snow on them are not safe.

Speaking of SNOW (four letter word), we had some on Friday. Not enough for any accumulation, but enough to know it was sprinkling little snowballs everywhere outdoors. Very lightly...but everywhere.

Soon there will be pictures of snow on the ground.

And thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I was able to watch the sun come up, and was it pretty! All the colors I like in a sunrise. Deep blue and purple and crimson, with a tinge of yellow on the edge. So with that image in your brain, I leave you. TaTaForNow.

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