Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work A Day World

I'm exhausted. Ready to go home and fall into bed. Friday's coming, but not nearly soon enough for me. If I weren't getting a day off next week for holiday, I would probably take a day tomorrow (or try to), but I want to get off for the period from December 18 through January 3--which is a long time, so I am really watching my time off these days.

I'm hoping to work on Rhiannon this evening, but chances are good that I'll be just too tired to do so. I am thinking about making a headband, and I might think some more on this--it would be a quick knit.

I have some Jacquard dyes coming in the mail soon. I will be dying when they get here, and I can barely wait. The stuff I did a couple weeks ago turned out so nice (even if it was rather pale-brighter colors would have been MUCH nicer), that I decided that I would do some more merino, and might work on some of my own wool as well--sock yarn is ALWAYS in style.

I watched a new show last night called "Circus", about a travelling circus called the Big Apple Circus, and about the people who made up cast and crew, and how they live. It was rather interesting, although I wonder how they can SMILE so much! I mean, it's nice to do things that are so exhilarating and dangerous, but after a while, it seems the excitement would wear you down. Even the stories about the clowns were pretty cool.

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