Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe, but I am finally on the last repeat and a half for Rhiannon. Now, suddenly, it's hard to stay on task and get it done. My eyes aren't working right, either, and that's an added difficulty. I have to stop every so often because I can't see the pattern well, and I can't see the stitches well.

I wonder if I need better glasses? Or perhaps I just need to watch my sugar better? Well, after testing, I find out that yes, my sugar is higher than normal at this moment. So I will stop and rest for a while until things settle down.

The "on task" business, however, is another thing entirely. Work is boring. I was so glad to see the weekend come. I got so bored at the office today. It is feast or famine there. I'm either working my buns off to get caught up, or there is next to nothing to do. It's pretty amazing really, but the days I have next to nothing to do are so boring that I just can't stand it. It's these times that I over-think. I need to not do that.

In fact, I got so bored, that I went home early and started knitting and fell asleep in my chair. Then, I decided that I would take a nap, and ended up sleeping for two solid hours, waking up with that "I can't move" sort of feeling.

But now, I'm awake. I've had some protein, and a drink and playing with my tarot cards.

I drew

The Knight of Cups
The 9 of Swords reversed
The High Priestess reversed

I guess my husband is going to be busy with his own needs this weekend...perhaps he'll get some studying done. Perhaps he'll be helping his son in the basement. It doesn't look like we'll be having much to do with each other, though. I hate midnight shift!

Of course, tomorrow morning, I'll be going in to JoAnn's for Demo, and I've got the perfect idea. The caterpillar yarn that I made the scarf out of? Well, JoAnn's has a variation of it, and I'm going to take that and some base yarn, and make a hat. Nothing special, just using the caterpillar yarn to make poms on the hat. I'm going to call it "Morse Code". I think it will be cute. The picture in my head is cute, therefore it's cute!

In the meanwhile, Rhiannon languishes in my basket, waiting for my eyes to straighten out. It's coming slowly. I took my meds, and I can tell that the sugar content is dropping. A quick blood check...and yes it's coming down. I'll be able to knit soon enough.

Perhaps I'll turn on the news and see what the new governor has to say. Probably more of the "wah wah wah wah waaaah" like Charlie Brown's teacher.

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