Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Long Day...

I don't know how my husband managed to work at General Motors for 30 years. I've been working for my employer for 22 years, and I've just about HAD it. I am looking for a different position with the company, and I hope that I'm able to find one. It was another long day today, and I've pretty much had enough long days at this place.

I know, I know. At least I *have* a job. And this is true. I just wish that now and then it was FUN. Now I know that work is work, and fun is fun, and usually the two don't mix well, but I'm tired of being promised the moon, and then having the moon and the stars taken away from me, only to find out that I have to sit in HELL for another 8 years.

It just doesn't seem fair.

But I'm home now, and that's a good thing. My knitting group isn't meeting tonight, so I am staying home to knit this week. She's doing inventory (and not much happy about it, either), and we both wish we could have the knit night, but it's okay that we aren't. I'm home, by myself, since hubby is gone helping his sister prep her house for winter, and I get to do as I please while he's gone. THIS IS SO GREAT!

Oh, and did you know that Verizon updated it's Android Phones? I think I like the new platform--although it's really not much different. I think it's a little prettier--not as cluttered, and seems to make a little more sense. Things have been updating on the phone all day, rebooting several times. Each time, something different. I'm sure that will go on for a while.

So I guess I'll leave you now for a visit to Ravelry. Not much going on knitterly, really. Just working more on the Log Cabin Scrappy Do. The more rows I put on it, the wider it gets, and the more stitches on the rows. There are about 120 stitches on each row, and I try to work at least 10 rows a night--sometimes I get 20 rows. Every section gives me another 10 stitches--and at last count, I had 112, so I know it's quite a bit more than that now. That's a lot of stitches. I'd almost like to pick up all the way around now, and start working it in the round, but then it would seem like it never gets done. We all know how I am with big projects that drag on forever...

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