Saturday, October 8, 2011


It is a breezy 83 in Michigan today. That's about 20 degrees HOTTER than normal for this time of year. I understand that Colorado is having a snowstorm, and that it is headed our way.

Well, let it come. I'm not afraid of a little snow.

I am, however, afraid of the guy in the car next to me on the highway--yes, been there, and done it, and we both bought the t-shirt.

But seriously, people. Snow? In October? It's unheard of! Downright blasphemy! Rain, yes. Take down the rest of the leaves so that my hubby and I can knock ourselves out one more time, raking leaves and picking up sticks, and dumping them in the sheep pen for a nice big bonfire sometime this fall--yes, roasting. Marshmallows and hotdogs, mostly.

I finally figured out what to do. I cleaned the kitchen a little bit and then I cleaned and dusted my computer desk. All clean and spiffy now! Of course, the rest of the room is a pit, and I have a stack of papers THIS HIGH to go through and pull out patterns and projects that I'll probably never do. Plus I have to find a special spot for my laptop. So I still have a little bit of cleanup work to do. I also decided to do a load of laundry. It's rinsing now. Soon, I'll make it even warmer in the house.

And it's only 6:00! My, where does the time go?

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