Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lazy Days...

It's been so balmy the last week. It's been great. Even thought I've had to spend most of the time indoors working, it's still better to see sunshine than grey days and rain.

Which is coming tomorrow, I understand. It sounds like a drizzle in the morning and rain in the afternoon. I might decide to park across the street, just to avoid the rain. But then what would I do on Friday.

I like to get home as early as I can on Fridays. It gives me more time to relax. Last weekend was just too short due to working on Saturday. I really need my weekends. Yes, I know it's almost an extra $200 on my paycheck, but...well, I guess when I put it that way, I can take a little inconvenience, but it does hurt me when I don't get enough rest.

Today, I ate far too many peanuts. I love dry roasted peanuts. I can eat them by the half pound. I haven't had any in a long, long while, and so I bought some today. A half pound isn't quite "on my diet list", and so I probably WAY overdid it. The fact that my tummy is still upset a little tells me "Yes, oh yes, you did overdo."

So I'm not making dinner right away, because I don't feel well. I need to eat something, but I don't know what I want, because nothing sounds good. It's too bad that you can't eat yarn. I have a lot of it, and I could probably feed a small country for a couple of years if yarn was edible. However, I am more apt to take a nap than eat--I feel tired and sleepy. It's Wednesday, and there's nothing on television to watch tonight. Knitting in front of the tube might not happen. Calling it quits and turning in early sounds like a real plan to me, but then hubby would come home and wonder why I hadn't made supper for him. On the other hand, he has been helping his friend all day again today while I slaved at the office, so he might well stop off on the way home and eat something, since he knows I'll be home, he might not do so.

I hate the not knowing for sure. It's very confusing, and I never seem to make the right choice. And no matter which I do, I end up called on the rug for it:

"What did you make dinner for? We could have gone out!"


"You knew I'd be home tonight! Why didn't you make supper?"

It really doesn't matter either way. Whatever I do, it's wrong somehow.

So last night I drove to Lake O and sat and knit with the gals in the knitting club. We had a pretty good time. Nancy has redone the store. It's quite a bit smaller than it was, because they are planning on renting to a tattoo place--and we all decided that we should get knitting needles tattooed on our wrists. Someone mentioned the name for the tattoo that goes on your back, just above the top of the hip-hugger jeans, and the conversation devolved into laughter from there. I did another section on the scrappy do (everyone thought it was a pretty cool idea and very pretty), and I finished another potholder, and gave it to my mom after knit night. She spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how I made it . Then my son came in, and he looked at it for 10 minutes trying to figure out how I made it . It's so cool to be able to make something that just mystifies people.

So, I think that now I'm going to go to my chair and do some knitting before hubby gets home. I hope your day is knitterly fun!

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