Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Use Crying..

For the last two days, I've been curious about a very bad, yet very odd smell in my car. It's been really warm the last few days, after a short cold snap, so I thought perhaps a mouse had crawled into the engine, and died there--no such luck.

Yesterday, the smell was SO BAD, that I literally poured half a bottle of lavender oil into the back seat, which did not much more than to cover it over. At this point, I had a VERY BAD SMELL, with a hint of lavender.

Today, I decided to investigate. WHEW! Smell was really strong in the back seat. I moved the floor pads. I removed and tossed what little trash I had, and still, even with the DOORS OPEN, the smell was so strong that my eyes were watering.

I moved the seats forward and back, checked under the floor pads in the front...still nothing.

And then I checked the trunk.

And from within, this rank, malodorous, lethal brew wafted out of the trunk and assaulted my nose. Snapped it a good one! No, not some small decomposing, not even animal, vegetable or mineral.

It was a gallon of milk.

A spoiled gallon of milk. In a Meijer bag, no less, and probably missed the time before last time we got groceries, which put it in the trunk about 2 weeks ago, I would guess. I pulled out the bag and tossed it into the trash. I wasn't about to open it and dump it in the field.

And then, because the carton had leaked a bit, I had to pull out the liner AND the little mesh-thing that trunks have these days--and my trunk is now carpet-less.

It looks funny that way.

But I left the carpet on the driveway in hopes of airing it out (fat chance) that perhaps husband will know what to do about it, because I SURELY do not know...outside dusting it with baking soda or washing it (but it's a hard one, so I can't just, you know, stick it in the washing machine). So I'm waiting for him to get home to discuss it with him. It cannot go back in the car in its current state. Not a chance. I also left the trunk open to help it air out. I might just put some lavender back there, not that it would do much good. Perhaps I'll hunt the internet and google for "how to get rid of the smell of spoiled milk in a carpet". I remember once my mother telling me to never spill milk on the carpet because it never comes out, but that was years ago, and I think that by now, someone has come up with a fancy cure.

If nothing else, I could try the pet deodorant. Cows are pets, aren't they?

So off I go to hunt for a cure. No use crying over it. Spilled milk, that is.

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Talena said...

I know the cure. It's call odo-ban. sold at Sam's. In a gallon jug. But I can give u a cup of it. It goes a long way. Call me 641 6414 Vicki xxxx oooo