Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi Honey! I'm Home!

Just got the pizza re-warmed. Lunch and Dinner. Pizza. Stuff lasts forever around here. Today, I got an email (though I read it 10 minutes after I was supposed to read it), and it said "Meet me at the Pizza joint." This is my friend at the office, so I literally RAN to the pizza joint, and sat down, huffing and puffing, while he munched away telling me how great his 3-day weekend was.

I'm jealous. I had only 1 day. But I'll get even. Christmas is coming, and I always take off the week between the holidays. It makes a nice vacation, and I don't have to drive in bad weather. Come to think of it, maybe I'll do the same thing sometime late January, too.

Knitterly, it's a big zero so far today, though I did crochet a few rows on another of those diagonal potholders...They are excellent for using up scraps, which I have lots and lots of--even in the cottons. But they are so easy to make, it's odd that I didn't think of it. Just a chain, then you sc around that chain doing increases in the ends. Once that row is done, you just sc around and around in a spiral, fold, origami-style, and sew up the seam. I usually chain a few after the sides meet in the middle, and my crochet hook is at the peak--I'll do about 15 ch, then join to the body, cut a generous length and sew up with that. I found that crocheting it together left a hard seam, so now I just sew through the back loops. If you want a scrappy one, you just add in new yarn when you have 2 loops on the hook--and crochet on, holding the short ends within the sc row to hide them. You can use up even the shortest leftovers--anything 10" and above--it doesn't have to go all the way around--in fact, I think one that had a different color every 10 stitches or so would look really cool.

I don't know, but it really works for me. I'm getting rid of a lot of scraps, and my scrappy do is getting bigger and bigger. Soon, however, I will need to start something different. One person only needs so many potholders and dishcloths. Maybe I'll make an oven mitt? It's a thought.

Beyond that, not much has been going on. I'm going to check Ravelry and some other knitting sites, and then I think I will go knit or crochet--maybe cook--since hubby just arrived, and said one slice of pizza isn't dinner. Sigh. A woman's work...

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