Friday, October 7, 2011

Since I Am On the Way...

I'll be heading in to the office Saturday to work some overtime.

Funny how that works out.

Thank you, Talena for the tip about Odo-Ban. I will see about picking some up tomorrow. Since I'll be in town ANYWAY. It won't hurt me to take a little side trip on the way home to get some.

Ideas that I found online were less than desirable...shaving cream and baking soda made for cement...or a cement-like substance that stuck like glue. I used a curry comb to get most of it up, but it's still quite the mess. It still smells in the car, too. I'm thinking that the jug sprayed while it leaked as it jostled in the trunk while I drove down the road. So I'll try the Odo-Ban. Again, thank you for the tip.

I got a goodie bag in the mail today...see???????????
This is Madeline Tosh Light, in the colors for my Catkin. Aren't they so yummy and autumn-y and I can't contain myself--I want to knit with them RIGHT NOW! But as you might guess, life gets into the way, and I will be working overtime tomorrow, so it will be SUNDAY before I can knit my swatch! Boo hoo! So I'm hiding them in this little blue bag (It has little sheeps on it.) And I allowed them a few moments to breathe outside the bag, just long enough to snap a pic, and then RIGHT BACK into the bag they go so that they don't tempt me this evening.

Speaking of tempting, it looks like my husband is going to be very late tonight. I knew he was helping his friend move, but thought he would be home by now. I'll have to check the messages. I'm probably on my own for supper tonight.

And with help from my guru, I found out that my husband's hard drive has died (click, click, click goes the hard drive), and so a new drive is on the docket for my hubby--we'll set the old drive up as a slave and set up the new drive. I'm hoping that Windows will at least allow us to access the drive so that he can get all his files he needs. In the meanwhile, I had to set up a guest account on my machine so that he doesn't accidentally break my machine, too. I can't afford to replace my computer again so soon, and because he's not the computer genius that I am (see? I call my guru when I have problems...that makes me WAY ahead of some other people who shall remain nameless---though certainly not faceless....), I have to set up my computer so that he can't make changes--such as install software and run programs, because it could be a while before HIS guru (different guy and thinks that there's just a bad driver, ya right! Just like my memory stick is good--I'll let you know where you can stick this particular memory stick....) gets around to fixing his computer (which won't work, because the drive is going "click, click, click", and we all know what that means, right?)

So it could be a while.

I'm going to check messages, and then go to dinner. There may be a post tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

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