Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Da Svetter in Progress

Yes, Egor, the svetter is in progress....looks like it would fit Frankenstein's monster, as this is only the lower part of the front, but I wanted to show you...so here it is.

I have a monumental sinus headache going on here, so I am not my usual funny self. In fact, I would sooner crawl back into the hole I dug myself out of--but silly me, I have to go to work. I did get up at 6:25, got dressed and answered my voice mail--perhaps that counts for something--but you know what? When somebody wants something, they want it now, so they call and call and call over and over again until they "get who they want to talk to", and if after a couple tries, they don't get YOU, they will call god and everybody to get a live person to go find you--hunt you down like the dog you are. How dare you be in the office and not at your desk or unable to take MY call! As if I don't have enough work to do, I have to stop what I'm doing, which is ALSO massively important to somebody else, in order to spend time listening to your complaint.

Do me a big favor, leave a message with your name and number. Nothing more, because I can't stand the sound of your whining.

Oooo..bad mood with this headache.

Last night, we watched "The Bucket List". Now, there is a video that everyone should watch. A small political statement hidden in this movie--that of the difference between the medical care that people who perhaps haven't as much money in comparison with a white man who has lots of money.

But both have cancer, and cancer being the great equalizer, the one who dies first doesn't appear to be as sick, and has the most thoughtful bucket list...while the white man who goes into remission and lives to age 81 and eulogizes his friend made in the hospital, has the money and the wherewithall to travel the world and have sex on an airplane with a beautiful stewardess.

Both are buried on top of Mount Everest, having been cremated and placed in a "Chock Full O Nuts" tin. The moral of the story is to live while you can, as much as you can and leave with no regrets, of course.

I took the movie back and talked to myself the entire way there and back. I also took in a couple of projects for the hardware man, and got some groceries. I spent most of the time in the car yelling at my ex-husband and my friend Ray for continually bringing his name up in passing.

This time, Ray says, Randy called asking about Ray's Tempo, wanting to buy it, because he needs a car. First of all, Randy wouldn't even know that Ray HAD a new car, and even if he did, which he didn't, how would he know if Ray still had the old car?

Ray's lying. And here comes my bad mood again. HISSSSSS at you for lying to me Ray!

Ray has got to stop with this crap. All it does is upset me. So I'm considering not going to St. Andrews with him. I'm considering halting our friendship forever. Frankly, I figure that's why all this Randy crap comes out of his mouth--because he thinks it binds us together, and frankly, it doesn't. It just makes me mad. It also makes me wonder if he's been carrying on a relationship with Randy all this time--think I've mentioned that once before...oh, headache...pound pound.

So I got a Bissell Spot Bot the other day. I cleaned up all the spots on the floor where the dog has had accidents. I got an air freshener to put down by the cat litter box. I got groceries, here's what I got...

3 lbs burger
4 boxed dinners
2 loaves bread
peanut butter
2 bags of boneless chicken thighs
hummingbird food

guess how much I spent.

No, seriously, guess!

Nearly $100. I'm serious! That outrageous. And it wasn't even organic!

If I was on a diet, it would have cost me twice that!

I can't believe how the price of food has gone up. I really can't. I was shocked that I only had 5 bags of stuff, and the bags weren't even FULL! The cost of everything is going so sky high that soon people won't be able to EAT.

I'm going to work.

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cici said...

did you go to whole food?? thats the most expensive grocery store I know.. I think they should call it whole paycheck.